First Day Of Summer

Today was a nice hot day, the first day that really felt like summer. I woke up and had a couple beers. I smoked a pipe on my grandparents’ porch. Rode my bike around Boardman Lake, sat in a couple chairs right on the shore and listened to a couple of podcasts. Instead of going to the coffeeshop before work to read, I rode down to the beach and sat with my feet in Lake Michigan. The water is still very cold. I did that thing that some people do on the shore where I shoveled sand into a mound with my hands and made a little pool for my feet. On my way to work I ran into my mother and little sister riding their bikes around. I gave her a hug and proceeded on my way. The water level on Lake Michigan is abnormally high. The water at the boat launch is starting to flood into the parking lot. Work was very busy, I was told this was the busiest night in the young restaurant’s history, by a thousand dollars!

First Month

This is my thirty-first blog post. I’m glad I’ve committed to doing something like this everyday. It’s added an interesting layer to my life. In the last month I’ve started a photography project, talked about trains coming back to Traverse City, talked about the trials of being on probation, talked about getting a new job, etcetera. A few days ago, I don’t exactly remember where, somebody was talking about telling people about your life and goals, whether they be your partner, friends, parents, or your journal, to have somebody keeping you accountable. That resonated with me in respect to this blog. Even if nobody read this thing, I’d still feel like I’d have to live in a way that I’d be proud to share. I heard a story of somebody who was lost in Japan and an officer helped him to a place that houses wayward tourists— a free guesthouse to people in trouble. My first thought was, ‘if I could fake being lost convincingly enough maybe I could get some kind of free room and board while traveling.’ I felt guilty about this thought and considered it taking advantage of people’s hospitality. It would be wrong. It’s definitely not something I would write about on the internet. And so I think I should live up to a standard set forth in the person I write about in this blog (though I don’t consider myself noble, not even close).

I tried some Twinkie ice cream today from the gas station. It was good, reminded me a lot of this cake mix ice cream they sold at Timber Ridge Campground when I was younger. 

My grandparents said they had an Easter gift for me so I swung by their house on Washington Street, but nobody was home. I keep my tobacco pipe in a pot on their side porch so I decided to pull it out for a smoke.

After a tiring shift, I walked around the block and downtown was especially lively tonight. The scene was punctuated by two guys, one with a bucket and drum sticks and another with a hang, who’ve taken up residence on the corner of Front and Union. I was walking behind a couple when the woman couldn’t help but start dancing. It was adorable.