Michigan Ambience

I bought three albums this morning: Two-Sawn Forrest Recordings by Sound Psychologist, In My Neighborhood by Julia Bondar, and obsolete machines by radius. The last one cost me $23 but the album is almost three hours long and I also got the limited release CD’s as well. All of these are Michigan electronic artists.

I had to talk to my probation officer this morning about being allowed to go to my sister’s graduation ceremony in Interlochen on Sunday. Of course he said this was okay. I also told him how I’ve been talking to Mr. Paul Deering, the owner of Deering’s Market on Union Street, and how I’ve been talking to him about renting a room out of his house on Union Street. He said he’d consider it.

Michigan Passenger Trains

Another day, another trip to the AA meeting on Sybrandt Road. Another set of blue train engines from Great Lakes Central. According to a page on GLC’s website, they’re working on a passenger train from Ann Arbor to Traverse City. This is both awesome and a little quirky. I mean why Ann Arbor? I mean I understand it probably has to do with where the tracks go but what if you want to go to Detroit, the largest city in the state? Will you have to change trains? Or Grand Rapids, the closest city? Or Lansing, the capital? I’ve read before that these tracks go through Owosso, where I was born, so that’s cool I guess. Sometimes my mind will wander into fantasies about public transportation. This probably has a lot to do with playing SimCity as a kid. As soon as I heard about a hyper-loop possibly going from St. Louis to Kansas City, I started imagining a bullet train from Grand Rapids to Lansing to Detroit, and another, more leisurely train from Grand Rapids to Traverse City. This and a sweet metro system throughout Detroit – something on par with Portland’s MAX trains. This and maybe a few little streetcars in Grand Rapids and Lansing/East Lansing, with maybe one in Traverse City that runs along the bay between the state park and State Hospital.

Damn, my head was all over the place today. I seemed to get along just barely. I’m still kicking myself in my mind after how many times I fumbled my words today. Whatever, time to reset and forget.