Double Shift

I had to work all day today. Luckily, it wasn’t too busy. 

During my break I went to the gas station and bought a tall boy. I figure as long as I stop drinking by about three pm, I should be able to pass a PBT at nine or ten that evening. You may be thinking, why do you feel the need to drink at all?? And I’d answer, of course I don’t need to drink, but I can and like to, so why not?

I spoke too soon about the effects of kratom in an earlier post, saying it does absolutely nothing. Part of me really believed the stuff was snake oil.  Today I mixed the rest of my stash into my drink at work. After choking down the concoction I felt a little nauseous. But after about half an hour I really felt like I had dropped a small dose of MDMA. My limbs felt very relaxed and euphoric, especially my legs (I think because I was standing all day). I felt calm and content with working. I listened to music instead of my usual M.O. of listening to podcasts. Despite this pleasant experience, I don’t think it was worth the money, considering I could have bought enough actual MDMA for that much money and felt twice as good; and I don’t think it’s worth the risk of dropping dirty as I’ve heard the house is getting the ability to test specifically for kratom any day now. Now I’m very itchy, which I believe is also a side-effect.

The List

Today I learned I was almost booted from the program I’m in. I don’t know what exactly caused the director to have mercy on me, but I was terrifyingly close to going to jail, maybe prison for missing my classes last week. If in the next thirty days I’m caught not going to classes or appointments or being anywhere I’m not technically supposed to be, I’m finished so I guess my pre-work coffee is on hold for the next few weeks (or at least I’ll have to go in the back room and be discrete about it).

I looked into Boardman Flats apartments. If I was able to pay for the first year, I’d almost be guaranteed acceptance.

I called WNMC. They should be setting me up for training next week…

I got The Oregon Trail in the mail. I’ve never played The Oregon Trail and always felt out of the loop. Well I made it to the Willamette Valley with my four siblings. Okay well three of us made it. One died and I missed it and Molly drowned in the Columbia River after our raft hit a rock. I preordered The Oregon Trail handheld game a few weeks ago on Best Buy’s website.

I got a bike today. A Schwinn “Sportrock”.

I’m going to say this again on Thursday— I am not proud of this week’s roll of film but I have made a list of forty-nine of the next rolls’ subjects and they range from different streets in Traverse City, different neighborhoods, nearby villages, to clouds and Lake Michigan. I like to think it’s a sophisticated, well thought-out list and I really look forward to carrying it out.

Scheduling Conflict II

In my last post I mentioned how I’m court-ordered to take a class and was scheduled to work at the same time. I talked to my p.o. this morning and he said to talk to the guy who runs the class, Ernie. Well, Ernie didn’t text me back. Not surprising, nobody seems to respond to me these days. I’m going to have to just move on and pretend that all is fine. 

I’m making a habit of stopping into Espresso Bay to get a coffee and read a few chapters of my book an hour before work every day. There are some things that irk me about Espresso Bay— their coffee is over-priced, they’re taking advantage of people’s ignorance with the whole CBD gimmick, and their walls are covered in mediocre art— but they do have their merits. A warm fire, comfortable leather couches, and kind, humble staff. I’d rather go to The Brew but if you go back and read my post, Not Where I’m Supposed To Be II, you’ll find why I can’t go back there until I’m out of this stupid transition house. Essentially, the problem is that The Brew serves alcohol and the director of the house frequents there and I run the risk of getting kicked out and thrown in jail. In any case, Espresso Bay is a perfectly good place to read for an hour and I don’t think they’d mind if I didn’t buy something every single day.

I got my pair of black Urban Ears Plattan 2 headphones from Amazon today. They came with a cool poster that I’m going to give to my mother to file away in the basement on top of a pile of shit left over from when I lived with them. I bought a pair of these headphones in Telluride when I left Traverse City back in 2015 to escape the wrath of the courts. I drunkenly broke into my aunt’s house and left a trail of blood through her dining room while she was in Mexico. Her husband decided to press charges. So I left town. I’d worked as a photographer at the ski resort in Telluride about a year earlier so naturally that’s the first town I thought to go to. I had several thousand dollars at the time that I planned to live off of until I found a job. Well, I didn’t find a job, spent most of my days at the exquisite Wilkinson Public Library watching independent films previously featured in the Telluride Film Festival on my MacBook, smoking weed, going to the bar, and eventually I ended up sleeping in the woods, in a church, and at some pot heads’ house in a nearby village. I don’t remember where I lost the headphones. I remember I did end up selling the MacBook in a subway station in Hollywood, California. I don’t remember if that was before or after I slept on the roof of The Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd.

The only real medical abnormality I have is my baby teeth’s stubbornness to come out. Until this afternoon when my last one came out in two pieces!