Seventy-Two Hours

Well I decided not to run. Thank God nobody noticed when I went down to Espresso Bay on Friday morning and searched for Amtrak tickets then rethought my decision and decided to go back and at least see what my probation officer had to say. It turned out my P.O. decided just to give me a seventy-two hour detainer and take me out of the transition house, which is about the best thing that could’ve happened. Well except the seventy-two hours in jail.

I went into the jail at about 1500 (that’s military/jail time). They put me in a holding cell with a couple other guys— one seventeen year old in after he overdosed on “lean” (aka liquid codeine), one old guy who was in for a DUI, and a twenty-one year old in for missing a court date. It was cold as hell in there and I just wanted to lay down. So I did, and pulled the age old pull-your-tee-shirt-over-your-knees move to at least keep some warmth on the cold, hard concrete. After a bit an officer came in with some blankets. After a little longer, I got a mattress. 

At about 0130 I was booked in and transferred to the infamous “drunk tank”, the worst place in Traverse City that I know of. There was a guy there also from the transition house who was obviously high on something. He was waddling around mumbling to himself. In the morning I was woken to the highon clapping and giggling. The sergeant escorted him out, never to be seen again… The rest of the day I spent in and out of sleep, listening to people’s conversations. It’s amazing the gossip I’ve heard in jail. Seriously, it seems everything there is to be known about the scum of this town, I’ve heard at least two or three times.

Sunday was excruciatingly boring. Just listening to more conversations. I started reading the Bible, I was going to read the Gospels. Then we got some more books. I read a couple of chapters of a CJ Box novel. I really couldn’t get into it. Then I picked up a John Grisham book. If I was staying for longer I definitely would’ve finished it. It wasn’t like his usual courtroom dramas. It was called Calico Joe, and it was a baseball story. It reminded me of a story I just listened to by Stephen King, which wasn’t a horror story like his usual stories, just a good old American baseball story. I knew I wouldn’t finish this book either, and there’s an age old myth in jail that says if you don’t finish a book in jail, you’ll come back to finish it. 

Today started out with impatience. It’s weird that you can be locked up for months, even years, and accept it, but the day you’re supposed to get out, each minute, second, moment you have left, you really cannot wait. 1500 came around, and I saw out the window that they had my stuff ready to go, but the officers shot the shit for like an hour. Finally they came and got me at four o’clock. Outside, I saw my probation officer who told me to come see him in the morning. I picked up and deposited my check. I went over to my parents’ house and called around to different hotels. I proposed the idea of borrowing their pop-up camper, but my Aunt has it her parents’ cabin over on Lake Huron. If I can get it in the next week or so I’ll live in that over at Traverse City State Park. In the meantime I’m at Day’s Inn, drinking Coors, and watching The Office. I’m glad I didn’t abscond.

Pall Mall

I’ve started smoking Pall Mall Red 100s regularly.

I took the bus back from a meeting on Sybrandt Road and it took over an hour. The first bus took me way out of town on Lafranier Road near the health department. Then I got on the wrong bus which took me to the mall, where I’m technically not allowed according to the transition house. Then I took another bus which takes a long meandering route downtown. Finally I got on the free bus which took me back to the house. It would’ve taken me forty-five minutes to walk but it took me an hour and a half to ride the bus.

Work went smoothly. One of my Apple earbuds quit yesterday so I abandoned them on the railroad tracks and bought a new pair on eBay. At work I had to use my over-the-ear headphones which aren’t ideal as I can’t hear the cooks. But at least I was able to clearly listen to an entire chapter of A Gentleman In Moscow, a book my grandmother gifted me a while ago and has been trying to get me to listen to ever since. I like the book, I just would rather listen to my shitty podcasts, so it’s been on the back burner for months. I have a very stubborn approach to finding books, I don’t usually take recommendations.

Rushed Photography

When making digital photography, you may be able to make something ok if you shoot from a lot of angles, if you shoot enough of them. That is you might be lucky and catch something by accident. But it is a strange thing about photography that one is able to tell if you’re rushing to find something. It would seem that given the understanding that photographs are static, that how relaxed the photographer is wouldn’t be obvious. But if you’re hasty, you’ll likely end up trying to create something out of the material world around you and miss the enigmatic essence of something that comes about unplanned. This may be especially true when shooting film where you may be limited in how many photographs you can take.

I bought a book: Red Moon by Benjamin Percy at Brilliant Books, downtown. I heard about this book on an interview with Percy on Interlochen Public Radio. The interview was originally recorded in 2013. This guy seemed interesting. He talked a lot about combining creative plot lines with literary elements. He read an excerpt from Red Moon. All I know about it is it is about a werewolf.

Tonight’s going to be a busy night at the BBQ. It’s a holiday weekend so people are visiting family and going to their vacation homes and the weather is “nice”. At least I’ll have tomorrow off, it being Easter and all.


I’m trying to cram in this post before midnight. Today I played a little bit of Civilization IV and Counter Strike. I went to a couple meetings. I also wrote a little more of my book, although I got distracted by formatting in Pages. In fact just a few minutes ago I found a font I like. Earlier I was looking into self-publishing. I really like how the website Blurb does it. I didn’t look very deeply into other sites but I like how on Blurb you can upload a PDF of your book. It looks pretty legit as far as what you can do after your books are made, too. Also, they aren’t very expensive. I wish I had more to say, tonight. I’m tired and ready to take a few sips of chamomile, tune to IPR, and doze off.