Michigan Ambience

I bought three albums this morning: Two-Sawn Forrest Recordings by Sound Psychologist, In My Neighborhood by Julia Bondar, and obsolete machines by radius. The last one cost me $23 but the album is almost three hours long and I also got the limited release CD’s as well. All of these are Michigan electronic artists.

I had to talk to my probation officer this morning about being allowed to go to my sister’s graduation ceremony in Interlochen on Sunday. Of course he said this was okay. I also told him how I’ve been talking to Mr. Paul Deering, the owner of Deering’s Market on Union Street, and how I’ve been talking to him about renting a room out of his house on Union Street. He said he’d consider it.


Last night I bought Discourses of the Withered by Celer. Celer is proper drone music, and there’s enough of it to last a long time.

Unfortunately for me and my unhealthy, autistic obsession to have this Black and White project be as organized as possible, the Camera Shop’s scanner is broken. They didn’t get the right part they needed to fix it so it’ll be another week before I’m able to see my photographs. I stopped into the shop to just pick up the film. I was going to have 4” x 6” prints printed at Meijer and scan them at The Copy Shop but they didn’t even have the film processed yet. I don’t necessarily trust Meijer and the resolution of the scans wouldn’t be as good as the rest of the rolls. So I guess I’ll just wait until next week and post Roll 4 & 5 together. It’s bothering me. So it goes…

I took yet another walk to the AA meeting on Sybrandt Road. Instead of just walking up the railroad tracks like I usually do, I walked along a path near Boardman Lake. There are some really nice condos on the lake and a couple really nice houses.

On my way back I stopped by the Marathon station to get some cigarettes and I noticed they finally had Nat’s. I love Nat Sherman Classics. When I was living downtown in The Whiting Hotel, living off of student loans, I’d buy Nat Sherman’s from Nolan’s cigar shop. I loved those cigarettes. The smoke from a Nat Sherman Classic is slightly ashy and sweet, not to mention the design of the packaging and filter is wholly debonair. So as soon as I saw the gas station advertising Nat’s “coming soon” I knew I’d be getting a pack. Right now, they have the promotional price of about five dollars although I think once that’s over they’ll be more on the level of Parliaments. I don’t know yet if I’ll make these my go-to cigarettes, besides the price, I don’t believe they’re going to be sold everywhere and I like to buy a brand I know I can get at any gas station in America, because, you know, cigarettes are a comfort, and you grow to love your brand like you love your wife. Maybe you have an affair with another brand but you need that one brand to always be there for you.

Window Shopping

Today I had to pick up some medications from the pharmacy and used the opportunity to browse a few stores downtown. I was looking specifically for a music box, a device that contains a tiny metal drum with little spikes that prick different sized prongs and plays a little tune when you turn a crank. The store I saw them in before while I was drunkenly wandering about, Toy Harbor, was out of them. Another store had three of them but they played Christmas tunes like “Deck the Halls” and I’m not into that, especially not this time of year. 

I went into Brilliant Books and almost bought The Bell Tolls For No One by Charles Bukowski, but ultimately decided against it. I want to read that book someday and since I can’t drink right now I thought it’d be better to save it for a day that I can sit down and have a beer while I read it since Bukowski is such a famous alcoholic. 

It’s funny that the name of his most well known book is an obvious play on For Whom The Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway who himself was an alcoholic. I’ve read a few of Hemingway’s books including For Whom The Bell Tolls and I really think his novels are over-rated. He must’ve been shit-faced when he wrote them. It doesn’t surprise me that he killed himself in Idaho. His books are silly and the characters are so shallow and short-spoken that it’s almost impossible for me to distinguish them. If I had to pick my favorite Hemingway it’d have to be A Farewell To Arms just because of the jarring ending. I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who’s never read it but I’ll say it surprised me in a similar way to the death of the woman in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I guess they would share a lot of similarities both being written by American authors in the early twentieth century. The Great Gatsby is another over-rated book in my opinion. Again, it seems like the author is trying (too hard) to make these colorful characters but god are they shallow. It’s not like I’m spoiled with the vast variety and advancements of modern literature because some of my favorite American classics, like Moby Dick or Huckleberry Finn,were written in the nineteenth century.

I did end up buying a couple of things today after all. I bought the albums Optimal.LP by Shuttle358 and untitled by Loscil. I’m getting closer to owning every album Scott Morgan’s Loscil project has released. Once I’ve got them all I’ll move on to some other ambient artist, maybe Shuttle358.