I don’t know what to say today. I’ve been on edge all day, about to pack my bags and just leave. I had a few beers this morning, stopped into Right Brain Brewery this afternoon and had a glass of their Firestarter Chipotle Porter. Delicious, I don’t know if it was worth me stressing so hard about my breathalyzer test tonight, but it was tasty. I’m grateful to one of my fellow criminals who pointed out to me that we don’t have to test until 10:00pm. I thought it was 9.00pm.

I was told this morning that if I don’t pay all the debt I have with this transition house, including the time I spent unemployed and looking for work, I was told if I don’t pay all of that I won’t be able to go anywhere including my sister’s graduation. I’m not going to name the person in charge of this decision but I’ll just say she is not a very likable person.