House Between The Oaks

I keep thinking about my black and white photography project. I’m definitely overthinking it. I’ve become too emotionally invested in the idea of this project. I’m gonna have to take a lot of photos to make up for the random ones I’ve taken so far. I really want to showcase the trees here in Traverse City through black and white photography. A part of me is considering giving up on this little Olympus point and shoot camera for a more controllable SLR. Then again, wanting to control every aspect of this project is what’s inhibiting me from actually taking interesting photos. I like the point and shoot because there are fewer settings. The last thing I need right now are more decisions in the process.

I believe I need to focus on something. Today I was thinking more how I’d place my attention on the trees in Traverse City and their interaction with the nearby homes. I think that’d be an original view and would take a stronger will to follow through with. But, then again, maybe I shouldn’t be trying to be original. Maybe I should just make something that literally anybody with a camera can make, like photographs of just the branches of the trees or the clouds. Because ultimately I want something ethereal.

There’s no doubt this project is evolving. The problem is I’m having a hard time deciding which direction to take it, which is the biggest challenge any art project faces. Art takes conviction. I hope all of my self-loathing pays off somehow.