Calling Off Work

I really don’t feel like writing a long post today. I was on the schedule to work today, but I had to go to a mindfulness class per my probation. I really hope everything worked out at the BBQ without me. I really hope nobody harbors any bitter feelings, not just to me, but any bitter feelings as a result of me not going to work today in general. It really bums me out how little I worked this week. It proves how terrible I’d feel if I lost this job. That’s not like me, usually I try not to invest too much interest in a job in case I lose it. 

I had a meeting with a counselor today. We just talked about how medications are affecting me (they’re not), and what my future goals are. 

At the mindfulness class we went outside and blew bubbles. It seemed childish. The counselor said that blowing bubbles was a good way to quit smoking. Then she said “or you might smoke and blow bubbles”. Somebody was inspired by this notion and started blowing bubbles with smoke in them.