On The Move

I’v covered a lot of ground today. First I walked to my weekly Moral Reconation Therapy class, which is about a mile and a half. Then I walked back. Then I rode my bike to NMC (Northwestern Michigan College) to complete my orientation to deejay at the college station. I’m excited to be getting a key-card— to be the only person in a college hall in the middle of the night is strangely exciting for me. Rode back home. During these trips I exposed a roll of film to the “Oak Park” neighborhood. This project is raising my awareness of the intricacies of this town’s neighborhoods. Later, I walked two and a half miles to the AA meeting on Sybrandt Road. I think I travelled about a dozen miles under my own power today. 

I’m starting to get worried that I lost a verification sheet from last week. Nobody’s said anything, and if they do say something I’ll have to say I turned it in, turn the blame on them. I don’t know if that’s going to work. Even if it does, once they go over my sign-out times, they’ll see I haven’t gone to the mandatory six meetings last week. I’m on thin ice here (despite doing everything I should to really better my life), I’m on thin ice and I’m starting to hear the cracks.

God, I cannot fucking stand this guy’s snoring. I don’t understand how people who snore like he does hold romantic relationships. I have to try not having aggressive thoughts about it, because the aggressive thoughts always escalate, but it is difficult.