Computer Games

I’m not a serious gamer. I love my computer and am secretly envious of people who love their computers so much they are content to spend a huge portion of their lives playing every new video game from beginning to end. Seriously, gaming as a lifestyle, to me, seems like the best dollar-to-fun value, if that makes any sense. You don’t have to be rich (yet) to really immerse yourself in the gaming lifestyle. I’ll lament, I’m just not that great at video games. To a gamer, that probably means I’m not that great at life. On my Mac I have a few games that are enough to get my fix: SimCity, Counter-Strike, Civilization, and Minecraft. Before today I’v never bought a PC/Mac version of Minecraft. I’ve purchased it for iOS and Android (two platforms I have actually spent a lot of money on games for), but I’ve only ever played pirated versions of Minecraft for the PC/Mac. I first played Minecraft back when it was still in beta. I resent anyone who believes Minecraft is for children. I think that sentiment comes from older people who mistake it’s 8-bit aesthetic for an eight year old target audience. Well, that and the fact that Minecraft isn’t violent and has been used to educate children. Anyway, Minecraft has held a special place in my memory since it was released ten years ago. I just purchased the game for my MacBook and am excited to get back into it. Today I finally played and won a game of Civilization V. Playing as the Moroccans I won via cultural domination. Fun, fun.

I don’t know what it is tonight, but I feel like I’m having an acid flashback. I really can’t say what’s happening. I don’t usually drink coffee this late so maybe it’s having some sort of interaction with my medication. There’s a colorful strobing effect in my peripheral and reality just feels “wet”. I think only people who have done psychedelic drugs would be able to know what sort of feeling I’m talking about. It’s not unpleasant.