Dusty Sandpaper Brain

When I come home from work my hands are usually dry. I absolutely hate touching anything that’s dry like bare wood or dusty walls. I especially hate paper. The feeling of my fingers sliding across paper makes me cringe. Just the thought of it as I’m writing this is making me uncomfortable. And it’s becoming a thing even when my hands aren’t dry. If I hear someone shuffle papers in a video or on a podcast I recoil internally.

I downloaded Logic Pro X today. I don’t have any experience making music on a computer but if I want to, I suppose I can. I’ve been editing photos in GIMP on this computer. Photoshop CS5 is a program I have experience with and am confident using, so I reluctantly added that to this computer as well. I started looking into getting a MIDI controller, something small with a few sliders and knobs. Once I buy another Canon 5D, I’ll definitely get one just to be able to adjust RAW files with something more tactile than dragging with a mouse. I think it would be cool to learn how to make ambient music, specifically drone music, just for giggles. There can never be enough ambient music in the world.