Midday Jazz

I went to WNMC this morning to train to be on the radio. Ellen was there to train me, a nice woman with one eye. I volunteered as a radio deejay here back in 2014. They’ve since moved their operation to a different building and gotten new equipment. I recognized the process but had to be reminded of the details. It’s pretty simple, you put the CD in a caddy, put it in one of the CD players, and press “on” on the sound board’s corresponding button. There’s also a computer where you can search for songs and drag and drop them into a queue. Then you add the song into the Spinitron program so people listening can see what’s playing on their screen, if they have that capability. There’s also the all important “reads”. My first time back on air I announced the weather and did a PSA for the annual NMC BBQ. I played a jazz rendition of “Bein’ A Pig” from Sesame Street and an interesting rendition of “In My Time Of Dying” (originally by Led Zeppelin) by Bonerama. Midday jazz was the show I was on but in the future I’ll be doing Late Night Rock by myself.

On the way to the radio station I took some photos of Eighth Street. A large portion of it is under construction right now. On the “Overheard In Traverse City” group on Facebook a lot of people are talking about it. I guess it’s good it’s finally being redone (I don’t really care, I don’t drive) but the crazies on Facebook are definitely outspoken in their conviction that it should, I guess, never be redone because it’s going to make their ten minute commute a fifteen minute commute. I’m sure if you ask one of these monsters when it should be done they’d be totally lost and confused as to how to answer. It’ll be interesting to see how the hundreds of thousands of tourists navigate the town without it’s second busiest east-west thoroughfare during the Cherry Festival in July.

Almost every instance I walk past the Marathon gas station on Eighth Street I stop in. I usually get a one-liter of Mountain Dew. I know it’s gross how much Mountain Dew I drink but I’m in good enough health to afford it and I’ve recently been replacing it with iced tea. It’s also not uncommon for me to pick up two sticks of Kowalski summer sausages for a dollar. As far as the dried meat market is concerned, these are a great deal. I like Kowalski because it’s cheap and a Detroit-based company. I was a little surprised that my twelve-ounce Mountain Dew Code Red was three dollars, but they could sell that liquid coke for twice as much and I’d still probably buy it… Okay, maybe not, but I do love Dew.