Payday. I put away a majority of my money into my savings, paid some court fines, bought a pipe, and upgraded my WordPress account. I now have the domain I don’t know if it was worth the money— I could’ve bought a sweet video game or a couple good books for what I spent. This is basically just a journal/diary that anyone in the world can see. I doubt many people, especially people I’ve never met before, really care about my poor life in a small tourist town in northern Michigan. I shouldn’t have put so much money into my savings as I don’t have enough cash left over for coffee, cigarettes, and film development over the next couple weeks. I guess I’m going back to the bank to shamefully withdraw fifty bucks.

I really like my new pipe, it was worth the money. It’s small and has a pretty finish on it. I got my Zippo pipe lighter from Amazon today. I keep it all in a nice little clay pot that I got from a thrift store in Sault Ste Marie. Did you know Sault Ste Marie (pronounced “soo saint maree”) is the oldest town in Michigan? Although native Americans have lived there for over ten-thousand years, it was founded by French fur traders three-hundred and fifty years ago. Detroit was founded fifty years later. Sault Ste Marie is home to the Soo Locks, where ships moving along the St. Marys River between Lake Superior and Lake Huron are able to bypass otherwise impassable rapids by being lowered or raised by changing the water level in a large steel chamber. I was in rehab as part of my probation and every couple weeks an elder from the nearby Chippewa Tribe would come by and we’d do a ceremony where we’d smoke a peace pipe. I offered up some of my tobacco once and I still have the same bag. The smoke represents the spirits of our ancestors. You’re not supposed to inhale the smoke, it’s seen as being greedy. The smell of this particular tobacco reminds me of those ceremonies.

I guess I owe $588 to the transition house. That’s quite a steep bill for a month in a trailer beside the jail where I’m not allowed to drink or go to the movie theater.