Black and White | Roll 3

I’ve had the same nightmare over the past few days, or I guess they’re better described as night terrors, where I’ll see some pattern on a wall or screen, I don’t know what it is, and I’ll wake up panting, “that was weird, that was weird”

One of the worst things about living with a multitude of different people is snoring. I’ve been here the longest and the first half of my stay was fine. But a few weeks ago we got this man who, while he is awake, is generally obnoxious to everybody. Though, when he’s asleep is when he’s most disruptive. He snores so loud that one other mental patient here claimed he was rattling the change on his night stand. One night I couldn’t stand it any longer. I got up and started pounding his wall. He’d stop snoring for about twenty seconds then be right back into it. The third time I rapped on his wall his neighbor came out, our newest guest who’s only a year younger than me, he comes out and starts yelling at me saying I’d better stop. I told him I’ll do whatever the fuck I want and he isn’t going to do anything about it. Now, I’m not a fighter, this is against my character, but I’m not going to let someone younger than me tell me what to do like that, try to intimidate me physically. If he hit me he’d go to jail, and I know he knows this. The next day, after all had calmed, I extended an olive branch and told him about how he had better be careful what he does on the wi-fi as one of the employees used to work in forensic data recovery and how I’ve noticed some strange behavior on my devices. He gave me a cigarette. So we’re all good I think. Except, of course, the snoring persists.

I actually picked up this roll last week with the previous roll. I’m not too proud of this roll. The first half of the roll was taken around the Hagerty Insurance (a company that insures vintage cars) campus and was taken a little hastily. I still haven’t really found the spirit of this project, and the roll that I just turned in today is still a little random. But I have made a list for the following forty-eight rolls so at least they will be a little more organized. I like to think the list I’ve compiled is well-thought out and includes different neighborhoods, nearby villages, clouds, and Lake Michigan. I don’t want to push anything too hard, I want these photographs to make themselves. I don’t know exactly how a photo will look when I take it, especially because it’s black and white. I feel like I could take a photo of just about anything and as long as it’s composed ok it will present itself to me as being something interesting, reveal aspects that I didn’t notice or anticipate when I took it, like how the light coming off the water reacts (or doesn’t react) with the film.

My favorite on this roll is 31A. I like how the street curves. This was taken on one of the first decent spring days of the year and some people in the bottom-right corner of the image had taken up seats in their driveway to absorb some rays.

Olympus Infinity Jr. 35mm Ilford Delta 100

edit: I deleted most of the photos from this Black and White project due to storage constraints on WordPress and the fact that I prematurely quit this project.