Free Entertainment

This morning my grandmother gave me an Easter gift. Twenty dollars cash and a twenty-five dollar Amazon card. That’s just right, I was running low on pre-work coffee money. I spent the Amazon gift card on a Zippo pipe lighter and an ambient album.

I’m in the middle of a YouTube session with Ashens. I love this guy’s videos. He’s no secret, you’ve probably heard of him. I love free entertainment in general. I’m sort of a free entertainment junkie. I really see no reason to subscribe to Netflix or anything like that. I may see a movie once in a while but if I really wanted to see a movie it’d be at The State Theater and I’d volunteer and get that for free as well.

I’m not sure about what to use this week’s roll of film on. I’ve taken five random pictures. This summer I want to dedicate a few rolls just to clouds. I want to dedicate whole rolls of film to ubiquitous objects. I also want to dedicate whole rolls to streets downtown and nearby villages. In the past I’ve tried to make photography that was obnoxious, colorful, and perfectly framed, something I’ll come back and play with when I get another Canon 5D. But with the black and white film I want the photos to be casual and ethereal. I’m trying not to force any subject this week although I need to shoot something. Maybe I’ll walk along the east side of Boardman Lake tomorrow morning.