Black and White | Roll 2

This morning I went to The Camera Shop and was told my film was still drying. Not more then a half an hour later I thought how I was told they’d be developing my film last night. So I called back and fifteen minutes later my film was scanned and ready to be picked up. I printed an 11” x 14” copy of #11 for the house. If you look at that photo, the building on the far left is where I’m living temporarily. The small building in the center is the prosecutor’s office. The building behind it is the courthouse. The concrete building on the right is the Governmental Building. I wanted to print a full-frame (2:3) photo for the house but I got this 11” x 14” frame from Goodwill and it would’ve looked odd. My framed photo was hung in the office.

All of the photos on this roll were taken around the Boardman River here in Traverse City, MI, between Boardman Lake and the old dam. My favorite on this roll is #27

Olympus Infinity Jr. 35mm Ilford Delta 100

edit: I deleted most of the photos from this Black and White project due to storage constraints on WordPress and the fact that I prematurely quit this project.