Black and White | Roll 2 (delayed)

I went to The Camera Shop to pick up this week’s roll of film and was told they hadn’t developed it yet. They told me they usually wait until they get a couple before processing black and white film. The good news is when I handed them my next roll they said they should have them both developed and scanned by tomorrow.

The forecast says there’s a high of sixty-nine today, along with scattered showers, which I secretly hope it will rain because I have to work and I don’t want to have to be in a greasy kitchen crammed between a sink and an old concrete bank vault while people are out frolicking through the parks and taking their boats out on Lake Michigan. 

Train whistles reverberated throughout town today as Great Lakes Central worked more on the tracks. Before this year, since my family moved up north, I honestly don’t remember seeing more than one or two trains here. There was what has been locally called “The Dinner Train” before we moved here, but I don’t even really know what that was exactly. Well, they were rolling back and forth all afternoon today and I think they’re going to be a common sight this summer and a hot topic of conversation and point of interest in the newspapers. I really hope it’s true that we’re getting a rail service to Ann Arbor. It’d be great to see younger, sexier college students come up from U of M. 

I had to call in late for work. I missed another class I’m supposed to take yesterday so I had to take another one today. I don’t remember what this one was called. In my “check-in” I vented my frustration with my schedule this week— almost going to jail because work conflicted with mandatory classes, including this one. We talked about triggers and I mentioned how I usually don’t submit to using the “recovery” buzzwords but lamented that I indeed was “triggered” at church on Easter Sunday. The wine, I said, gave me a warm feeling and how if that was a full glass I might have lost some personal agency. I talked about how indeed alcohol is one of the toughest vices to transcend because of how deeply engrained it is in our culture and even our biology. Humans have been drinking practically forever. Mindfulness was also brought into conversation and I provided a relevant Western perspective. Stoicism teaches us not to behave from fear or desire, instead we should act virtuously, by being generous and providential, to enrich our character. We should always be aware that we are but parts in the machine that is the world.

Waiting for the bus I ran into an old dude who I met in jail a while ago and has graciously given me booze and acid in the past year. Unfortunately, my man is also once more caught up in this shit after being accused of domestic violence, living on the street. I’m not a judge and am not even concerned with whether he might’ve gotten a little handsy while drinking. I really don’t care that much. He says he’s going to fight it in court.

Work went smoothly. My boss was understanding of me being late and I believe it actually sparked a good conversation about the nature of my involvement with the court that helped solidify my place within his business. 

So, all is well that ends well. I look forward to picking up my rolls of film tomorrow.