Scheduling Conflict III

The sun is shining. It’s sixty-two. The sky is blue. The air has a golden hue. It’s spring, I suppose.

I went to an AA meeting at the Presbyterian Church over by Tom’s East Bay. I stopped into work to get my charger that I left last night. I got quite a fun welcome from my coworkers. It smelled terrible in there compared with the fresh breeze coming off the bay.

While I was dicking around on my laptop my probation officer came in out of the abyss. I thought I was going to jail until we started talking a bit. Of course he says he heard that I didn’t go to my class yesterday. Says I need to complete that shit or else I’ll be headed to Jackson. I really have to remember to cross my t’s and dot my i’s (although I never cross my i’s, it’s unnecessary unless you’re asking for a pardon from the governor), really have to remember my p’s and q’s the next few weeks, until I’m off the radar because I’m on thin ice these days.

I bought a picture frame at Goodwill, today. The glass broke while I was putting it in my bag. As I sat through an AA meeting I inspected the frame and realized it was a 8” by 10” frame. Not ideal for a 2:3 photo. So, I took the glass out completely, returned it like nothing happened, and bought a new frame, a bigger frame, that seems to be of more appropriate proportions.