Rushed Photography

When making digital photography, you may be able to make something ok if you shoot from a lot of angles, if you shoot enough of them. That is you might be lucky and catch something by accident. But it is a strange thing about photography that one is able to tell if you’re rushing to find something. It would seem that given the understanding that photographs are static, that how relaxed the photographer is wouldn’t be obvious. But if you’re hasty, you’ll likely end up trying to create something out of the material world around you and miss the enigmatic essence of something that comes about unplanned. This may be especially true when shooting film where you may be limited in how many photographs you can take.

I bought a book: Red Moon by Benjamin Percy at Brilliant Books, downtown. I heard about this book on an interview with Percy on Interlochen Public Radio. The interview was originally recorded in 2013. This guy seemed interesting. He talked a lot about combining creative plot lines with literary elements. He read an excerpt from Red Moon. All I know about it is it is about a werewolf.

Tonight’s going to be a busy night at the BBQ. It’s a holiday weekend so people are visiting family and going to their vacation homes and the weather is “nice”. At least I’ll have tomorrow off, it being Easter and all.