New Wallet

It’s about three a.m. and I’m on my Mid-2012 MacBook Pro, the last MacBook with a CD drive. My mother gave me a $50 gift card to Best Buy and I bought a portable Oregon Trail game and a case for my iPhone 6s. Going on Best Buy’s website sparked some research into what it would look like to upgrade to at least a retina model MacBook and has ended with all my hope in Apple up in smoke. I know that we are probably reaching a new era in computing and moaning about ports on a laptop will seem cute in ten years (and is already far out of vogue’), but I am just not ready to give up USB ports let alone 3.5mm headphone jacks. I’m worried about what I’ll do in a year when I’ll be all but forced to get new devices. I think part of this worry might be somewhat existential— are the purposes for using these devices themselves at risk of being obsolete? Am I dying already? I need to go to sleep. I’ll finish this post in the morning.

Today’s business was mainly composed of putting away my money. I cashed my first substantial check from the BBQ at Chemical Bank. I opened a checking account there. Then I went to a store that sells suitcases and travel bags and whatnot and bought a new wallet. I’ve had the same Ralph Lauren leather bifold since high school when I shoplifted it from the mall with some friends. I loved this wallet, I never lost it once. But the last time I was arrested, the cops tore it to shit. I figured this would be as good of time as ever to get a new one. This new simple brown leather bifold is hefty, has all the pockets I need. It smells like fresh leather. I love it. Later this afternoon I opened a savings account at TBA Credit Union. I like the idea of keeping the bulk of my money at a local bank. If I end up leaving town on a whim it’ll be a bit of a puzzle to spend all of my money.

I ordered a pair of Urban Ears Plattan 2 headphones today.

I saw a girl I hadn’t seen in like seven years ago out with her family. She turned away as soon as she saw me look her way. That doesn’t surprise or disturb me. It’s mentionable, though.

On this day two years ago I was released from the La Plata County Jail in Durango, Colorado. I made a rare journal entry that day on Google Docs. I said that it was “subtly frightening” to be locked in a room for two months then be released to the sunlight with strangers. I remember that being a particularly beautiful day. I went to a Starbucks and called my mother. In jail I was “reconnecting with my Lutheran roots”. I think that entailed reading a daily devotional. God, this journal is strange. I mean, I’m strange. I was pretty set on going back to Denver, saving for some equipment, getting a passport, and traveling. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it was certainly a lonely time.