Black and White | Roll 0

I had another day off work today. It looks like I’ll be getting Wednesday and Thursday off next week as well.

This morning I went to an AA meeting over on Sybrandt. I took the bus downtown after the meeting to The Camera Shop and dropped off my first roll of film. I bought another roll of Ilford Delta 100 and inquired about how large I could make prints. 44” is the maximum height (or width if portrait). I’ll keep this in mind for a project I want to do in the fall.

I was allowed to go for a walk. I was technically approved for a walk to the State Hospital grounds but convinced the office girl to let me walk along the side of the river. The plan was to take pictures all the way down the upper Boardman until where it drains into the bay and back but when I actually got out there and saw how many interesting perspectives there are just between Boardman Lake and the dam, I decided to just shoot this area. It’s about a half a mile section of river. I got a great shot of the courthouse, governmental center, Park Place Hotel, and transition house, with the river in the foreground- I’ll have to get that printed and framed for the house. I’m really excited to see this roll.

I went to another AA meeting out on Veteran’s Drive. I won a round of PUBG mobile on my phone. There was a girl there who I thought was my uncle’s ex-girlfriend and was pleasantly surprised, and a little confused by her sitting so close to me. She had this stupid-looking book called Buddhist Bootcamp (I’m not a fan of Buddhism. I’m partial to Taoism if I had to pick an eastern religion). I knew it wasn’t who I thought it was when she started talking. The topic of the meeting tonight seemed to be politics and who could be more liberal on their views on addiction. This girl said something about the neurology of addiction and how alcohol hijacks the reward center of your brain and convinces you that you need alcohol to survive. I nodded in solidarity with this enlightened perspective of hers. She also said she was from Santa Barbara to which I also nodded just because I have distant relatives who live in the hills behind Santa Barbara and because I’ve been there and it’s a beautiful place. 

In between all these little trips I took, I played a game of Civilization IV, and was grossly defeated. It was a total and complete waste of time to be honest.

My parents ate at Spark’s, where I work. They said that my boss was nice and said that I “killed it” at dishwashing.