Community Mental Health

This morning I stopped at my grandparents’ on the way to an addiction treatment class. I keep my tobacco and pipe on their side porch now. I had a smoke and said hello. Further down Washington Street I think I saw an old friend pull into his parents driveway but I don’t know for sure. I was a little late to the class, blamed it on a bathroom emergency. In the class someone said they used to steal bikes to get across town. I thought this was funny and talked about how one time I was drinking with some people at the hippy tree in the woods behind the state hospital and passed out. In the morning I stumbled out of the woods and stole someone’s Jetta because I was too lazy to walk home.

One of the shitty things about being wrapped up in the legal system here in Traverse City is having to participate in worthless, publicly funded shit that I don’t want to participate in. For instance i have to go to Community Mental Health. This place is shit. If you look at the reviews online you’ll see that I’m not the only one who’s disappointed by this place. They’re arrogant, unmotivated, and don’t seem to really want to help people who may really have problems and could benefit from psychiatric treatment. It shouldn’t be surprising, I guess, seeing as how they deal with people who either have to go there and aren’t interested in getting mental help (such as myself) and people who are so far gone, drenched in the stench of poverty, addiction, and depression and who can’t afford to go anywhere else. One thing that I do like about the place is just talking to an impartial person about the happenings in life. It gives me a small amount of satisfaction just to share with a stranger a glimpse of the different dimensions of my day.

A couple years ago I was in Telluride, Colorado, and bought a pair of headphones from a store there called Digitiqe. I loved these forest green, minimalistic, over-the-ear headphones – listened to many a Youtube videos/movies/podcasts with them. I don’t remember exactly when I lost them. I’ve had some good headphones since including two pairs of bluetooth Sony headphones. Right now I mainly have been using Apple EarPods, which are great for work, but they plug in through the lightning port so they obviously don’t work for when I’m charging my phone and won’t work with my laptop. I don’t want wireless headphones because those need to be charged and have quite a noticeable latency issue. I liked the look and feel of those headphones I bought in Telluride, so I called Digitiqe and they said I was looking for the Urbanears Plattan 2. Indeed I was. I added them to my cart on Amazon. I’ll have to wait until I’m not a broke bloke before I can go ahead and get them, which should be in another ten days or so. At least I have them pinned down though.