Sunny Sunday

Just got back from work. This has been the warmest day of the year by far. Right now it’s about seventy degrees Fahrenheit. I was thinking today about how I was in rehab last summer and due to the proximity to the Canadian border – would listen to CBC Radio One, a Canadian public talk-news radio station. They had this corny comedy show every week, kind of like Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me on NPR. It was mildly amusing listening to Canadians talk about that time President Trump threatened to completely shut down trade with Canada if they didn’t come to an agreement on a new trade deal.

I’m not much for politics. I’d consider myself a radical centrist if anything (hate me, I love it). Brexit has caught my passing interest. I don’t know the nuances of the situation, but I do know why a majority of the UK voted to leave the EU. They didn’t like their borders being ignored. The British are a proud people with a rich culture. I’m sick of reading and hearing people say that wanting to limit immigration is racist. It’s not racist. It’s unfortunate that some people were born in a shitty place. But the solution to their problem is to fight, possibly with the help of global super-powers such as the United States, not to run to countries such as the UK, where the economy is better, then demand their cultural norms be enforced on those people. I want Britain to be as British as can be. I don’t think it’s the same in America, so don’t fucking come calling me a white nationalist. Although I’m not supportive of illegal immigration, America is still a melting pot, and I believe if any place is to be accepting of foreigners it’s the United States of America. In my version of an idealized world Britain is British, Poland is Polish, Pakistan is Pakistani, Japan is Japanese, and the United States is the dominant culture of the world – forever adapting to and protective of all the rest. Political and cultural power involves acceptance, from all parties, after all.