Drizzly Saturday

It’s about nine a.m. I woke up and the first thing on my mind was the film project. I calculated it’ll cost me about $1300 to do this thing for a year. I could buy a nice SLR for that. Why do things cost money?

After zealously snapping some shots yesterday I realized I’m not going to be proud of every picture on a roll. Today I’ve been thinking about how I could select the photos I want to share. What’s a sensible number? Is selection even sensible with a project like this? I concluded that, yes, it is appropriate to pick and choose photos I want to share. People say photography is the art of selection. You select where to point your camera, what settings to use on your camera, and at what moment to take the photo. While walking by the marina I realized the most appropriate fraction of photos displayed is ⅔. Analogous to the classic rule of thirds and aspect ratio of 35mm film, I’ll share ⅔, or twenty-four, of the photos on each roll.

There was a steady drizzle and light fog today. I spent a lot of my day walking to and from meetings, listening to industrial music.