Cunard Confusion

Another smooth night working at the barbecue. I explained to my boss that I’m on felony probation. It didn’t faze him. Not surprisingly I’m not the only felon that works there. 

I got my first paycheck. $50 for the five hours I worked last week. Boss says I’ll get my first raise in a few weeks. I’m going to open a savings account at TBA Credit Union tomorrow. Thus begins a year of saving.

Engrained in the conception of my idea to travel to the UK was the notion that I’d be sailing back to the US on the Queen Mary 2. I found a passage from Southampton to New York for only $1400. I went on Cunard’s site today just to double check the price. I started to book a trip just to see what it would look like at check-out. And the price for one ticket at check-out was around $2500. Confused, I called Cunard’s 1(800) number and it was explained that $1400 is per person if two people book one cabin. I’m wary of paying five-plus weeks pay for a one week voyage. Now, I’m disheartened as I’ve invested so much interest in the idea of returning from a vacation in Britain by sea. The price of tickets drop considerably in the months leading up to the date of embarkment. So I think what I may do is book a flight and if while I’m in the UK the price for a cabin drops below $2000 I’ll cancel the flight. Maybe I’ll come into some quick cash in the coming year. We’ll see.