Not Where I’m Supposed To Be II

Today I had two classes that I’m supposed to take as a part of staying at the transition house. The first is called Moral Reconation Therapy. I had to make a presentation where I explain to the class how I’ve been dishonest in my life. It was pretty easy, I went on to explain how four years ago I skirted all of my responsibilities, skipped town, and basically became a drifter. The second class was called Mental Wellness, where basically we just vent our frustrations. I had an earbud in the whole time and listened to 99% Invisible [podcast].

Later, about an hour ago, I signed out to go to an AA meeting. Once again I skipped the meeting and went to The Brew. My worst fear was realized. I was browsing Reddit when a bearded man walked up to me. At first I didn’t recognize him. He said, “you should head back to The Path [transition house]”. I immediately knew I was fucked. It was Matt, the director. When I got back I asked what was going to happen and was told that the worst that’ll probably happen is that I’ll have to sit a few nights in jail. I work tomorrow and absolutely cannot afford this. I’m dreading what my probation officer’s reaction will be. If I go back to jail, I’m probably going to prison, so if there aren’t any posts in the following days, well, that’s what probably happened. I have to talk to Matt tomorrow before I’m allowed to leave the house.