Not Where I’m Supposed To Be

Today was another successful day at work. Yesterday, I forgot to mention what I ate. “The Bacon Explosion” A smoked piece of pork wrapped in bacon and topped with cheddar, bacon, and barbecue sauce. Today I had a brisket sandwich.

I signed out of the transition house to go to an AA meeting. But instead I met up with DJ, who gave me a couple bucks for a pack of Smoker’s Choice. Now I’m at the Brew. I feel weird. Depressed maybe? I finally have a place to live and what seems like a steady job, but the sense that I might go back to jail is looming. Plus, the weight of loneliness and the turmoil of the last four years sits heavily on my soul. Hopefully the weather improves. I think I’ve read that this can be the most depressing time of year for a lot of people. It makes sense.

I saw a kid I used to know from the parking lot of the Brew back when I was living at The Whiting Hotel and would hang around there everyday and shoot the shit. He said he’s living down in Detroit. He was stoked about how little he pays for rent. It makes me wonder what I’m missing down there, and how I might be wasting my twenties in this town.

I was thinking about renaming this blog. Jacob’s Daily Journal is just a little bland. I want to incorporate the word electrocuter somehow since I’ve started to use this nickname on other sites. The name was inspired by the name of a song by Dabrye on the album Three/Three.