The Walk to Sybrandt

We’re supposed to go to six AA or NA meetings a week at the house I’m living at. I don’t always go to the meetings when I sign out for them, though. Sometimes I go to the coffeeshop. This week they were playing free movies at the State Theater downtown and I saw BlackkKlansman and A Star Is Born. I actually didn’t get signatures for all six meetings this week so I had to say I lost my signature sheet. When I do go to meetings, I enjoy the walk. Most meetings are about an hour’s walk away. I’ll listen to podcasts and smoke cigarettes and when I get to the meetings I’ll play PUBG Mobile on my phone. This isn’t to say I don’t listen and even share occasionally, I just don’t think it’s necessary for me to be a 100% invested in all this bullshit I’m required to do.

This morning I walked to a meeting on Sybrandt Road next to the Sara Lee factory. Most of the walk is on train tracks that run along Boardman Lake.

On my way back I found this make-shift skatepark that, oddly, I’d never noticed before.

Trains rarely come through Traverse City but today was an exception. I heard the whistles and thought I’d take a video of the underside as it passed over but when I saw there weren’t any cars attached I decided against it. Two connected engines rolled by and I failed to get a picture of them. They were blue and said “Great Lakes Central” on the side.

Credit: Bruce Beck

I want to mention a YouTube channel I’ve been enjoying lately. It’s called Gabriel Traveller. His vlogs (and my little brother’s smugness over going to New Zealand and Vanuatu) are part of what’s motivating me to go to the UK next year. He’s not like some hyped up, over the top travel vlogger. He’s very level headed and has been traveling for almost thirty years. He’s on a tight budget and usually alone unless he runs into people he’s met before. Check him out?

Around 5:30 this afternoon I went to another meeting in the Central Neighborhood. On the way I stopped at The Camera Shop. They were selling what appeared to be a Nikon Coolpix A1000 for $150 (They repaired it and the owner never picked it up and they’re trying to recoup the costs). I like walking through the Central Neighborhood, the largest and oldest neighborhood in town, because my parents moved into a house in this neighborhood when we first moved up from Flushing.